Who is Kavya Baraskar?

Kavya B. SEO Expert Civil Engineer Architecture Visualization Finance Management Kavya B is the SEO Manager at Axwon Group. She is a civil engineer & an Architect (architecture designer). She is the Project Assistant with Adarsh Pawar in Warf Water Game Project. SEO Expert Civil Engineering/ Architecture Investment in Axwon Finance Management

harshit M sarkar

Who is Harshit Sarkar?

Harshit Sarkar Investor Finance Management Designer Transport Business Harshit Sarkar is a Businessman & Investor. He is the founder of Hexagon HT Groups. Harshit works at his family transport business. He is a Graphic Designer & VFX Artist as a hobby, he is an MBA Graduate (Birla Institute of Management Noida, Delhi) with a Bachelor’s …

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