Who is Kavya Baraskar?

Kavya B. SEO Expert Civil Engineer Architecture Visualization Finance Management Kavya B is the SEO Manager at Axwon Group. She is a civil engineer & an Architect (architecture designer). She is the Project Assistant with Adarsh Pawar in Warf Water Game Project. SEO Expert Civil Engineering/ Architecture Investment in Axwon Finance Management

Questions about Adarsh Pawar

Who is Adarsh Pawar? Adarsh Pawar also known as Surendra Gh. is the founder and managing director of Axwon Groups (Axwon.com). He is also a Managing Director at AxGamer.com & AxGreen.com.  Adarsh bringing more than Five years of experience with leading software vendors to this On-Demand/SAS/Web development/Graphic Design/VFX/Video production company. Other Names of Adarsh Pawar Surendra Ghagre Pawar Adarsh Krishna Ghagre …

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harshit M sarkar

Who is Harshit Sarkar?

Harshit Sarkar Investor Finance Management Designer Transport Business Harshit Sarkar is a Businessman & Investor. He is the founder of Hexagon HT Groups. Harshit works at his family transport business. He is a Graphic Designer & VFX Artist as a hobby, he is an MBA Graduate (Birla Institute of Management Noida, Delhi) with a Bachelor’s …

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