Bulk Change file extensions using cmd(Command line)

  1. First, locate the folder where you want to change the extension,
  2. Create a new text file “AX.cmd” in the same folder
  3. Right-click on the file and click on “Edit”
  4. Add the below command code as per your requirement.
  5. Now run “AX.cmd” by double clicking or opening.
  • How to rename the single file extension
rename Test1.txt Test1.html

If you only want to rename a single file and extension, you can specify the full file name and file extension as shown.

In the example above, the “Test1.txt” file would be renamed to “Test1.html”.

  • How to rename a single file extension with the move command
move Test1.txt Test1.html

Like using the rename command, you can also use the move command to rename a file as shown.

  • How to rename multiple file extension

If you want to rename the extensions without keeping the original file, you can also use a command similar to the following example.

rename *.shn *.wav

The above command will change the extension of all files from .shn to .wav

ren *.* *.newextension

The above command will change the extension of all files no matter what is the extension to the new one .newextension

  • How to rename a file extension while keeping the original

Use the following command at the Windows command line or within a batch file.

xcopy *.shn *.wav

The command will create a copy of the original files with the new extension.

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