Quotes by Adarsh Pawar

” Life is an art, and I am a bad artist (ज़िन्दगी एक कला है और मैं कलाकार ही गलत हूँ।) “- Adarsh Pawar,

” Sometimes i think, Sometimes I am. “- Adarsh Pawar,

” If someone doesn’t have knowledge of your field or something, Never disrespect & underestimate them, because everyone is the best in their own specific field. Like you can’t alter a farmer with a doctor ” – Adarsh Pawar,

” The more silent I am the more dangerous I can be. ” – Adarsh Pawar,

” कुछ लोगो का अपना हूँ , और कुछ का सपना “- Adarsh Pawar,

” Those who are with me in bad time, My good time will be only for them ” – Adarsh Pawar,

” I act like a fool to see how they try to fool me. ” – Adarsh Pawar,

” More they hate me, The more I love myself ” – Adarsh Pawar,

इतिहास लिखने आया हूँ, पता नहीं क्या क्या लिख कर जाऊंगा। -Adarsh Pawar

बीती हुई बातों पर बात करने का कोई फायदा नहीं, गड़े मुर्दे निकालने पर सिर्फ कंकाल निकलते है इंसान नही। – Adarsh Pawar

जलने वाले जल गए 🔥, चलने वाले पहुंच गए 🚶। – Adarsh Pawar

I prefer to be the owner of a small company, rather than being a worker in a large company. – Adarsh Pawar

When I’ll become billionaire, I’ll make sure that I have the same friends who was with me when I was not a billionaire. – Adarsh Pawar

Business is like s*x, Success is like an orgasm. – Adarsh Pawar

हम तो नफरत भी बहुत प्यार से करते है। – Adarsh Pawar

I am for those who truly love me, Not for those who just pretend to be. – Adarsh Pawar

Success is a disease, but with lots of benifit. – Adarsh Pawar